Friday, May 6, 2011


Open my eyes
Because now I see all my friends embarking
In a new mission
They are flying inside of the space ship
Across the sky
From down here I see
The space ship taking off
It is exciting
And I am happy for my friends
This is something that they had been dreaming for a long time
This is a one time opportunity
I don't like flying at all
I am not jealous
Open my eyes
And let me see a world without death and violence
Open my eyes
And let me and my friends live free
Because we are now living on borrowed time
And death is fast approaching because the world that we know is Ending
The new day is here
For me and my friends
Open my eyes
Me and all of my friends are free to give thanks
By your side me and my friends will always be
Open my eyes
Now we need to console each other
To hold together and hope for a better future
Who knows where the future will lead us friends?
I don't like to say good bye to all my friends
Because I need to show my friends that I am strong
My friends the pair of boots that I am wearing are made for walking
We can't understand the reasons why we are free
I understand the looks in all of my friends eyes
And their tears
I will let my friends know how much they mean to me
It is time for me to let go of all the bad things that I have done friends
Open my eyes
Show me heaven God
Let me and all my friends see heaven
Your friendship is more than words can express friends
Make me love you friends
God don't give up on us
You are all of the friends that support me in my daily life
My friends and I are unbreakable
I won't say good bye to this day
And neither to my friends
My friends and I dug up a diammond
This is us in this picture taken a long time ago
With you friends
Tonight we need strength
To get us through
Friends gave me there happy smiles
Me and my friends are meeting the girls across the river
Open my eyes
The burden of life we have all carried
Thank you for our lives God
Friends don't be ashamed of your age
Speak to me friends and breathe
We gave you our heart God
Friends the last thing to go was that old tree
That was planted on the side of that old road
My friends and I have chocolate on our tongues
We had been craving sugar all day
That sweet taste
We can feel
Open my eyes
So I can see the atlas
I will be able to see all the world
Friends I don't mind the wind blowing in my face
Let's take a giant step together friends
When we all feel the Sea in our hearts
Friends let's get right with God
Friends all that we are living for is for peace and justice
Friends there is no need to watch the news
Because there is enough suffering in the world
Open my eyes
So I can see 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' sailing in their ship- Sailing with my Friends over the
Atlantic Sea
We are glad that the water beneath the colorlless ice is motionless
We are longing for a sinple life and a world that is
To my friends and me honey is the scent of freedom
Open my eyes
Let me see that skin that is aging gracefully
All my friends can see that I am aging gracefully also
Sometimes I have to remind myself that my friends care about me
Inside of me there is some bitterness, resentment, and guilt that I feel
There is something about my friends that you have to know
They are here for me
Right where I want them to be
Friends I sometimes tell you stupid things
That is because sometimes I feel that I am losing my mind
The best day is yet to come
Because this is the day that we are standing in front of the ground zero
Remembering those who died here
Some of them could have been our families
Friends are better with me-together
Friends do you remember the last time that we were in the Carribean?
Friends I believe that dreams will be dreams
Open my eyes
Let me see that cookie jar on the kitchen counter
I can't never say no to a cookie
Friends I always remember spring
My friends are related to me
It is so good that I know you all, friends
Open my eyes
I saw this house down the street
I had shown it to my friends
They could not believe what they saw
There was graffiti painted on the walls of that house
What a mess
The ones that did it taught it was art
Or maybe a form of expression
To us it was horrible
Friends the fools we are as men
Open my eyes
And let me see the wild flowers in the forest where this time I walk Alone without My friends
Friends you will always be the same to me
Jesus don't touch my friends
Open my eyes
Open my eyes
Open my eyes
Open my eyes

© 2011 Aldo Gabbay Kraas

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