Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My destiny
I don't know much about because God never menioned
Where I will go through my destiny
But I have the feelings that in my destiny I will find so many surprises Each single day that I live my life here on the earth
What does the earth have to offer me?
Fresh food and fresh water every single day
What doors are open in that destiny ?
I know that God will let me enter that doors in my destiny
But in every door that I go through I will find so many happy moments in My life
And also I have the feeling that God wants to see me happy
Friendship sometimes causes pain
Don't talk about hate
Don't spread hate over the internet
At the harbour I walk alone to get to that Island that is called Barbados
Barbados shine so bright and beautiful today
But in Barbados I shall fish the fish
To feed all the Barbadians

© 2011 Aldo Gabbay Kraas

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