Sunday, May 8, 2011


All the ghosts are now gone
From the dreams that I had last night while I slept in my bed
And inmy dream one of the ghost was punching me into my stomach so I Could fall and lend on the ground
The other ghost got the knife and cut my skin so that the blood runs
Out of My body
The third ghost drunk the blood that came out of the cut
And then all the ghosts left me and left me there laying down on the grass
A gentle women appeared from no where
She saw me laying there
She touched me gently and said
Oh my God you are bleading badly
She was a doctor she said
I will save you
She put me in her car and drove me to the hospital
There right away I had the operation to close my cut with 44 stitches that Was located in my tummy

© 2011 Aldo Gabbay Kraas

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