Tuesday, May 3, 2011


There’ll always be tomorrow
But never yesterday
There’ll always be the moments life brings into play
To heighten latent gladness
Exciting us to say
This moment now
It never was what it says today
Like a ray of sunshine
These moments are like this
Unexpected and divine
A lover’s sudden kiss
Lifting us to heights
Beyond our dreams of deepest bliss
A gift to those who wait in peace
And nothing is amiss
And to those who pray to God
Will get their prayers answered
Those who lovew themselves and their neighbours
Will also be loved by God
Those who sin will be panished by God
Despite the slow and steady march of time
That passes by
Like a ticking clock
Reminds us of the reason why
Our minds are empty of all thought
When all life’s questions die
And all we’re left with ourselves gazing at the sky
And suddenly
Our eyes begin to feel that timeless thrill
Of the soul in motion
And standing on a hill
We cast our gaze across the vast landscape of a will
Guiding us through our long walk
To all our dreams fulfill

© 2011 Aldo Gabbay Kraas

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