Thursday, March 31, 2011


At Orillia
But out there is not even a soul walking out there at the Geveva Park
But Geneva Park is now resting for the night
And the night is coming at Geneva Park
There are no birds flying in the sky at the Geneva Park
Because it is winter and the birds are away from Geneva Park
But the ground and the lake at Geneva Park is frozen with the snow
But tommorow will be adeus that I will say to you
Adeus is good bye in Portuguese to you
Becausae I haven't spoeken Portuguese for a long time
And language is universal
But I know that you can hear it if it is said in Portugues also
Because I am not trying to be odd
Or to show you that I am a snob
But is just that I prefer to say in Portuguese

© 2011 Aldo Gabbay Kraas

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